Amma (Maa) - Dedication Songs to Mother. Composer, Music Producer, Arranger & Singer - S. J. Jananiy

S. J. Jananiy

The Album “Amma - Maa (Dedication Songs to Mother)” releasing on the eve of World Mother’s Day (May 12, 2019), is a sublime album with striking musical elements & enumerates the glories of a Mother. Award-winning Composer & Singer S. J. Jananiy has composed the track with awe-inspiring musical ideas that make the listeners’ soul to just stir away. Her exclusive Music Production to this track is simply splendid, the Rhythm, particularly for this Song, is unusual meter ie. 7/8. In this track, she has worked with live sessions such as Flute, Lute, 8-String Guitar, Santoor, Sarod with oozing Cello themes which adds much emotion & beauty to this track. Any music has an emotion or an expression, but when comes to describe a Mother through Music, particularly in this song, Jananiy’s voice seems to connect a Child with the heartbeat echoes of a Mother herself. This Album is a multi-lingual one. The source lyrics of the Amma Song is Tamizh, majestically written by Ramesh Vaidya & the entire concept of the Lyrics has been brought out likewise in 4 other languages (Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada). This song has 5 videos in Languages Tamizh, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada.

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