S. J. Jananiy, an Award-Winning Composer, Versatile  Independent Musician, Carnatic & Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Western Classical Singer, Music Director, Playback Singer, Performer, Music Producer, Record Producer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer, Carnatic Keyboard Instrumentalist, Keyboardist/Pianist/Harmonium Player, Research Scholar. Records Violin/Veena & Percussions for own recordings.

She has been bestowed with the prestigious  "National Award" (Pradhaan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar), 2002 from the Government of India.

She has been bestowed with the coveted "Kalai Maamani" Award by the Government of Tamilnadu, for the year 2018.

She received the prestigious global honor " Peace Song Awards Winner" 2018 in Public Voting & Social Media for the Song "Pudhiya Ulagam Malarattumae",  the only song from India,  (World Music Category), Los Angeles, USA.

She is a Musical Ambassador & Advisory Board Outreach Ambassador - Evolving Planet 7/ Project Peace On Earth (PPOE), CA, USA.

Jananiy's  International debut Believe in You -  Electronic/Pop Single,  Winning the Bronze Medal for Emerging Artist & Song honored by Global Music Awards, La Jolla, California, USA, 2019.

Her debut English Song "Believe in You" topped the 19th position in Euro Indie Music Chart 2019.

She is the recipient of many more Awards & Titles including "Kalai iLamani" (2003) from the Government of Tamilnadu, India, Idea Jalsa - "Rising Star"(2009) from Indian Music Academy, Mumbai, India, "Yuva Kala Bharathi" (2011) from Bharat Kalachar, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, "Sangitha Kovidha" (2015) from Gayathri Fine Arts, New Delhi India.

She is an "A Grade" artist of All India Radio.

She has given more than 1000 stage shows in Carnatic Classical Vocal & keyboard, Fusion, Devotional, Bhajan & Light music including Jugalbandhi with "Padmavibhushan", "Chevalier" Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia in Paris, France 2011. 

She has released around 67 Music Albums under JSJ Audio label that includes Carnatic Classical Vocal, Carnatic Classical Keyboard, Devotional, Fusion, New age, Indian Pop, Electronic Pop  & Contemporary music.

She composes music and sings for a number of Private Albums, Short Films & Ad Films. 

She scored Music for a Tamizh Movie "Prabha” in which her Guru Padmavibhushan Late Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna rendered his final Playback Song.

In Western Classical Music, she has completed ATCL  (Associate Trinity College London) in Western Classical Vocal, Grade 8 in Keyboard Grade 8 in Western Classical Theory & Grade 8 in Western Classical Vocal from Trinity College London.

In Hindustani Classical Music, she has completed Senior Diploma from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, India.

A Graduate in Economics from Stella Maris College, Chennai. 

A Post Graduate in Indian Music & M.Phil Music, currently pursuing Ph.D.  from Queen Mary's College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

S. J. Jananiy - Sites

Jananiy S. J, Film Composer on SoundBetter

Lalitha Sahasranamam - S. J. Jananiy

Kurai ondrum illai | குறை ஒன்றும் இல்லை | S. J. Jananiy

S. J. Jananiy

Kurai ondrum illai - "குறை ஒன்றும் இல்லை மறை மூர்த்தி கண்ணா" Hit Song in tamizh beautifully written by Indian statesman & Writer C. Rajagopalachari Known as C. Rajaji and Renederd by Award-Winning Composer S. J. Jananiy - National Awardee (Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar) & Kalai Maamani Awardee. This is one of the songs from the Greatest Hits of S. J. Jananiy's Classic Waves Kannan Songs in Tamil.

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Aditya Hrudayam - Hymn dedicated to Sun

S. J. Jananiy

Aditya Hrudayam - Hymn dedicated to Sun is a contemporary interpretation - originally Composed, Music Produced & Sung by the versatile award-winning musician S. J. Jananiy - a blend of Pop & Indian Classical Music.

This chant was recited by Sage Agastya to Rama on the battlefield before fighting with Ravana.

Reciting/listening to Aditya Hrudayam helps to achieve the confidence to conquer obstacles & creates the divine Aura upon ourselves.

One of the most powerful chants that humanity can put into use in times of need, especially during the challenging times of the Pandemic - COVID19.

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Un Anbai Pol (Hymn on Supreme Soul Shiva) - Single

S. J. Jananiy

Un Anbai Pol (Hymn on the Almighty Authority Supreme Soul Shiva) -Releasing during Maha Shivratri 2021. A humble dedication to one & only Almighty Authority Supreme Soul Shiva. This soulful song is beautifully Composed, & Sung by award-winning Composer "Kalaimamani" BK S. J. Jananiy The lyrics of this track portray the Almighty Authority Supreme Soul in various mediums such as - one who is ever benevolent, one who is beyond the corporeal, beyond religions, beyond any boundaries, one who is the Ocean of Knowledge & one who is the Generator-Operator-Destroyer GOD.

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Maunamaina Ee Payaname (Journey with Supreme Soul Shiva) - Single by S. J. Jananiy

S. J. Jananiy

"Maunamaina Ee Payaname" (Journey with Supreme Soul Shiva) is a Telugu version of "Mounamai Oru Yathirai", a massive hit Tamizh Song from the album "Shiva Mahimai, Vol 1". The lyrics of the Telugu version is wonderfully written by M. Ramu (with exact meaning as in the Tamil version).

Meditation track on the Almighty Authority Supreme Soul Shiva. Releasing during Maha Shivratri 2021.

This soul-stirring track eases the mind, gives refreshing rays to souls from the Almighty, creates a strong bond connect with the Supreme GOD always

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Nalir Mani Neerum (Mahakavi Bharatiyar) - Single by S. J. Jananiy

S. J. Jananiy

Revolutionary Poet Mahakavi Bharatiyar gives an astounding narration about the significance of our Nation’s prosperity & opulence, this track is releasing on the eve of Bharatiyar’s Birth Anniversary as a tribute.

Multi-faceted Award-Winning Composer, Music Producer, Arranger & Singer S. J. Jananiy has Composed this remarkable track in an elegant flair with a plethora of Country, Indian Pop & Mid-East elements of music.

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Aiyigiri Nandini (Mahishasura Mardini Stotra) - Symphony Version

S. J. Jananiy

This track is about the significance of Goddess Durga (demolishing a demon called Mahishasura, as per Hindu mythology), releasing on the eve of Dussehra/Navratri festival (in India).

Multi-faceted Award-Winning Composer, Music Producer, Arranger & Singer S. J. Jananiy has Composed this track phenomenally & chosen the Raag Pantuvarali to bring out the mere expression of the Lyrics.

She has created the Scores/Notations for the Symphony in an exceptional way bringing an exhilarating & a dramatic effect.

Jananiy has collaborated with Sofia Session Orchestra, Bulgaria by GVA Records for the Symphony, the entire session recorded virtually. 

This chant has got 21 verses including 2 Interludes with ethnic world instruments Oud & Mandolin, apart from the Intro & fianle sections. 

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S. J. Jananiy – Nominee - Best Concept Album "Shiva Mahimai, Vol. 2" – The 18th Independent Music Awards :

Inner Peace Music - Composer & Music Producer - S. J. Jananiy

S. J. Jananiy

This Exclusive Album takes us certainly to Deep Meditation, brings Inner Peace, Bliss, Happiness, Power, Purity in our Thoughts, Relaxation, Healing & opens our third eye of knowledge.

Its time to travel inwards & feel the bliss!

This soothing yet reverberating music is meticulously composed & music produced by the multi-faceted Award-Winning Musician S. J. Jananiy.

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S. J. Jananiy Award, sjjananiy awards,
    1. Jananiy - Peace Song Awards, Los Angeles, California, USA

Kalaimamani S. J. Jananiy

Jananiy's debut English Song "Believe in You" topped the 19th position in Euro Indie Music Chart 2019

Global Music Awards - Beleive in You

S. J. Jananiy Awards, Believe in You, S. J. Jananiy, Global Music AwardS
    1. Jananiy - Believe in You, winning Bronze Medal - Global Music Awards for Song & Emerging Artist


Hindi Short-Film "Badalti Duniya"BY BRAHMAKUMARIS - Re-recording/Background Score - S. J. Jananiy

"Prapanja Ragasiyam" Documentary Moive BY BRAHMAKUMARIS - Music Director - S. J. JANANIY

Amma (Maa) - Dedication Songs to Mother - S. J. Jananiy

Amma (Maa) - Dedication Songs to Mother. Composer, Music Producer, Arranger & Singer - S. J. Jananiy

S. J. Jananiy

The Album “Amma - Maa (Dedication Songs to Mother)” releasing on the eve of World Mother’s Day (May 12, 2019), is a sublime album with striking musical elements & enumerates the glories of a Mother. Award-winning Composer & Singer S. J. Jananiy has composed the track with awe-inspiring musical ideas that make the listeners’ soul to just stir away. Her exclusive Music Production to this track is simply splendid, the Rhythm, particularly for this Song, is unusual meter ie. 7/8. In this track, she has worked with live sessions such as Flute, Lute, 8-String Guitar, Santoor, Sarod with oozing Cello themes which adds much emotion & beauty to this track. Any music has an emotion or an expression, but when comes to describe a Mother through Music, particularly in this song, Jananiy’s voice seems to connect a Child with the heartbeat echoes of a Mother herself. This Album is a multi-lingual one. The source lyrics of the Amma Song is Tamizh, majestically written by Ramesh Vaidya & the entire concept of the Lyrics has been brought out likewise in 4 other languages (Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada). This song has 5 videos in Languages Tamizh, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada.

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vaazhga tamizh mozhi - S. J. JANANIY


OFFICIAL Launch of Stella Maris College first ever Tamil Song During PONGAL CELEBRATIONS AT STELLA MARIS COLLEGE, CHENNAI, ON 13.1.2017.

Hey Iraiva

Aruludai Tiruve - "Hey Iraiva". Prayer song for Tamilnadu Flood - Music Composed & Sung - S. J. Jananiy. Lyrics - Rameshvaidya

S. J. Jananiy

Aruludai Tiruve - "Hey Iraiva." A Prayer song for Tamilnadu Flood, Performed by S. J. Jananiy@Lakshman Sruthi's Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru , Kamarajar hall, Chennai 600018, Tamilnadu, India on 20-12-2015.

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ComparAtIve feaTUrEs of Kriti and sonata - ARTICLE BY Jananiy

Comparative features of Kriti and Sonata - Article written by Jananiy for Samakalika Sangeetham Journal Samakalika Sangeetham Article - Comparative features of Kriti and Sonata by Musician & Research Scholar S. J. Jananiy. Pages from 99 to 107. 12.3 MB

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