Meaning of the Song:


God has created this earth/world/universe with great love & affection & given life to his innumerable creations.

He bestowed intelligent to humans to fill their lives with many hues & colors and to rise above everyone.

Charanam 1/ Antra 1

Don't we love flowers despite its thorns?

Should we forget love & affection due to hatred in our heart?

Like a River & its hundreds of tributaries have its origination from one Mountain,

There is ONE GOD for the entire human race

There is no division among the human race such as caste, creed & religion

GOD has many forms/faces but Ultimately HE IS THE ONLY ONE.

Charanam 2 / Antra 2

Tiger & dear co-exist in the same jungle/forest

They do not have enmity for the cause of Food

Man has forgotten the very reason for which he was created. He is caught in the whirlpool of hatred.

If only mankind uses his intellect given by God with respect to nature, his life will be full of abundance, professes The Creator.



धरती सुहानी ये सजायी दाताने दिलसे
लाखो गुल खिलाये है गुलशनमे प्रीतसे
इनसानको दि बुध्दी उसने सजाने जिंदगी कईरंगसे
बढे जहाँमे इनसान आगे युँ सबसे

Antara 1:

काँटे चुभते है फीरभी फुलसे नफरत है क्या
दिलमे दबी नफरतमे प्यारको भुलेंगे क्या
होता एक सुरजसेही हर जगहपर सवेरा
सबका मालिक एकहै उसीका है जहाँसारा
जातपात वर्णधर्म उसकी ये देन नही
लाखो रुप उसके मगर रब है एकही

Antara 2:

शेर रहता है जंगलमे रहता हिरनभी वनमे
भक्ष के अलावा ना है कोईभी संघर्ष उनमे
बनाया इन्सा जिसलीये भुलावो उसी वजहको
नफरतकी भँवरमे फस गया है आज वो
इल्म जो बक्षी उससे कुदरतके साथ मिलके
जिंदगी अक्षय बनेगी बोल है विधाताके