Aiyigiri Nandini (Mahishasura Mardini Stotra) - Symphony Version

S. J. Jananiy

This track is about the significance of Goddess Durga (demolishing a demon called Mahishasura, as per Hindu mythology), releasing on the eve of Dussehra/Navratri festival (in India).

Multi-faceted Award-Winning Composer, Music Producer, Arranger & Singer S. J. Jananiy has Composed this track phenomenally & chosen the Raag Pantuvarali to bring out the mere expression of the Lyrics.

She has created the Scores/Notations for the Symphony in an exceptional way bringing an exhilarating & a dramatic effect.

Jananiy has collaborated with Sofia Session Orchestra, Bulgaria by GVA Records for the Symphony, the entire session recorded virtually. 

This chant has got 21 verses including 2 Interludes with ethnic world instruments Oud & Mandolin, apart from the Intro & fianle sections. 

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